Stateville Correctional Center

Tyrone Brewer

Inmate Number: R65327

Breaking News!!!

This is a State of the Union Public Address

I am your 47th President Mr. Tyrone Brewer Jr. speaking and I’m looking for a first lady could that be you sweetheart (wink)?  Well I am on Illinois Prison PenPal because I’m seeking a lady friend, but I’m very open to more if the stars align. Listen are you woman enough to accept the thoughts of a man who has been captive for years.  So many years in fact he kneels to embrace each tear that falls from your flawless face.  Are you woman enough to see with your sparkling eyes beyond the torment and mental scars that molded the presence of my life?  Are you woman enough to see with your mind’s eye that I’m not just a number, a monster they portray me to be I’m a human being.  In fact, I could be just the man that you need.  Are you woman enough to feel with your heart the parts of this cold steel cage, the cuffs and the scuffs from billyclubs and the infant meals that are spilled on the trays to erase the strength of a race?  Lastly are you woman enough to erase my faults?  If you are my first lady, then I’m here waiting on you let’s run the world ma.  (Smile)

Your new friend Tyrone?


P.S.  I have a tablet so the quickest route to reach me is by signing up on connectnetwork and I’ll get your message within 24 hours.

Age: 40

Height: 5’9

Race: Black

Region: North