Western Illinois Correctional Center

Trinity Walton

Inmate Number: R21504

Hello Ms Lady

If you’re reading this, I hope that all is well with you & I would like to thank you for you’re time & showing intrest.

I’ll look forward to meeting & learning more about you.  Hopefully you’ll allow me that opportunity.  I’m hear to listen.  Be an friend & show something differently than what you’re use too or seen before.  So come talk 2 me.  Let’s build an bond, friendship & transition & grow 2gether.

So if you really intrested & want 2 learn more about me, reach out to me.  Its alot I can say about myself, but words can be overrated at times & I rather show you how ginuwine & serious thru my actions.  I believe the best & only way I hope you agree.


You can reach out to me by signing up on my tablet thru GTL connect network.com or if you pefer letter’s I’ll respond either way we are also allowed to do video visits as well all those links are add to this page Thank you an have an blessed day.




Age: 39

Height: 5’10

Race: Black

Region: Central