Pontiac Correctional Center

Terryon Triplett

Inmate Number: B88909

To the special person reading these words.  Most people often to think and believe prison to be a reflection of those who’ve fallen victim to a group of circumstances beyond their control.   Judge me not by the mistakes that I’ve made, but by the endeavors that will propell me forward in a more conducive manner.  There’s a vast misconception that incarcerated individuals don’t appreciate the things people in the world do.  In general or in aspects of admiration. 

Frankly, being isolated tends to play a large part in taking things for granted, though it’s not intentional.

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Terryon.  I’m African American, Native American, Puerto Rican and Iranian; standing 5ft. 6 inches tall and weighing 175 lbs.  I’m a creative college educated young man who’s currently working toward graduating with my associates degree in applied liberal studies.  I’m a health and wellness advocate, who too enjoys working out and making people laugh.

When I’m not busy with class or working on my fitness, you might catch me with a good book or comic in my hand.  Or you may find me writing-poetry, music or even short stories.

I will admit I’m a Amazonian and plus size enthusiast.  Honestly speaking, I’m that quiet guy next door who also is both a gangsta but a gentleman.

I’m simply seeking to meet new people (male and female) for friendship and fun, if time provides us with such an opportunity.  Honesty and respect are the key to trust; trust is a stepping stone to loyalty.  In other words, just be yourself with me.  

What we share with one another is our secret.

When everybody else’s problem tend to overwhelm you and find yourself breaking down, I could be the river you tell your problems to.

It’s loyalty over love, lets keep it real first.


Your forever friend,




I will send an updated photo of myself to any and all who reach out to me.  This profile photo was taken prior to my incarceration  

Age: 35

Height: 5’7

Race: Black

Region: Central