Decatur Correctional Center

Skyla Miller

Inmate Number: R37407



Hello I’m Skyla Miller, fun loveing young lady.  45 yr. Old Aries like pets, especially cats.  I looking for someone special, romantic, not forceful, respectful, loyal, I don’t like fighting, good cook is a must, Honest.  

I’m from east St. Lous, Ill, I don’t plan on going back there (only to visit family), I’m a hard worker, smart, a little shy, I’m doing this prison time to better myself in so many areas of my life.  I’m looking for love, a friend, who knows what life may bring us.  I don’t have kids, all ages may apply, all races, only the serious need apply.  I love to talk adult talk on the phone and e-mail, I don’t mind if women contact me, all is welcome, don’t send mail too much cause I’m on sate pay which is very little, but I talk on the e-mail + phone


Age: 45

Height: 5’6

Race: Black

Region: Central