Graham Correctional Center

Samuel Holmes

Inmate Number: M54363

I’m from Chicago IL.  My name is Sanuel Holmes I have one child he is 11 yrs old I am looking for a relationship someone I can build and love with I’m in jail for something that is not true or like me at all I’m a great father and would love more kids I would like a video visit.  GTL message and in person visit I’ve been shot 2 times at age 14 I am 30 yrs old now will be 31 October 22.  I love to play basketball go out on date I want to visit different places like Miami Colorado etc Just basically looking for some one to be here for me.  Im someone that aint all about the looks it’s about whats inside the heart for me

Age: 30

Height: 5’6

Race: Black

Region: Central