Western Illinois Correctional Center

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Roy Clemons

Inmate Number: B34475
Western Illinois Correctional Center
2500 Rt. 99 South Mount Sterling, IL 62353
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Well hello everyone I hope you’re in good health.

As you see I am Roy Clemons, and yes I am in prison, but please don’t judge me I do enough of that.

Well I guess I will try to write this bio.  I am not good at this plus I shake a lot but I will give it a try.

I guess I will tell you a little about myself.  I am from northern AL and TN, between Huntsville and Chattanooga.  Well I did the same thing that so many people have done, leaving home searching for things they think they want when really they had all they needed and wanted at home.  I have traveled all over this country and I have been in many other countries.  Yes, I saw a lot but now I have realized that I had the most beautiful states (AL + TN) and I had the best family that needed me and loved me.

So I am going back home to AL and building a nice place to live out my days in peace and leave it to my grandkids and family to enjoy and remember me by, instead of this mess that bad decisions and alcohol drinking got me into.  So I am going to go back and live like my grandparents and all the old people did.  Growing their food and raising their meat.  In other words I’m going to live off the land as God wanted us to do so we can live in peace.  In the past I have lived off the grid and I had anything I needed and I was happy and comfortable, see I have learned many trades which means I can do almost anything.

No, I am not running from the government or rebelling, I just think the less people you have trying to control your life, the better it is. Again, like our grandparents and old people thought.

So what I am looking for is good friends, people that kind of think the same way and just wants to live in peace and enjoy their families.  No, I am not looking for followers or someone wanting a leader, we together can help each other and figure things out, trade goods, share your abilities or your trade.  Everyone is good at something.

Now if we all just try to live by the Ten Commandments and read the Bible, and talk to each other, then I think we all will be pretty good people and it will get us by and we should be loving people that God will be proud of.

Now to my past, that’s just what it is, the past.  But if we get to know each other and become friends I have no problem telling you all about it or my life.  I have nothing to lie or cover up about, yes around 1985 I gave up on life and I turned to alcohol (whiskey) and over the years it got worse, and I made some bad decisions and let down the people that depended on me.  It’s not like it seems, I’m not guilty of the charges but I take all the blame for the letting down of the ones I loved.

So if you want to try and get to know me and maybe become a friend, then contact me.

Now if you write me, please put your name + address on the letter, because most people use personalized labels or stickers and they tear them off here at the facility before they deliver the letter to me.  

Also, if you send me your telephone number, I pay for all the calls, and I also pay for all the emails on my end.  Emails are the best way to communicate.  

I hope to hear from you soon, sorry I went on but I hope this gives you a little to go by.



Age: 71

Height: 6’1

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: White


State: Illinois