Menard Correctional Center

Romelle Graham

Inmate Number: R26536

To all the beautiful women out there, rather it be your inner beauty or the beauty on the outside that makes you You!  I’m looking to meet you..As you can see on this picture, its kind of hard for me to smile, thats something I haven’t done in so long I forgot how to do it.  Smh…

I’m looking for someone to help me fix that.  I’m 39 years old, mature, but not old.  LOL.  5’11 195 all muscle, bald head, brown eyes..Hobbies of mine I love to write, novels, poetry, etc, etc.  I’m a great listener so that means I’m not selfish…I’m looking to also learn about new things.  I’m big on loyalty..I’m looking for someone thats openmind and not judgemental.  I’m currently on appeal, fighting for my innocence (see just type in my name and read..If you are looking for a great listener or just someone to vibe with, contact me thru (GTL/Connectnetwork).  Until we meet, 



Romelle Graham


Menard C.C.

PO Box 1000

Menard IL 62259

Age: 39

Height: 5’11


Region: South