Hill Correctional Center

Roger Combs

Inmate Number: B85336


I would like to introduce myself to everyone, my name is Roger Combs.  I’m 37 yrs old, bald headed, hazel eyes, 5’8, 215 pounds, tattoos all over my body head to ankles lol.  I don’t want people to be shocked about the name “Roby” I have tattooed on my forehead, it’s my mothers name I lost her so soon :-(.  Things I enjoy to do all activity outdoors, riding around in my truck, spending time with family.  I’m open to any topic/things so I’m currently in prison for res burglary.  I got 9 yrs but only have 3 yrs 3 months left on my time.  I’m looking for a female who is loyal, honest and trust worthy to people:

Well hope to hear from someone soon. May Odin bless you all.


Roger Combs

P.S. I’m from southern Illinois

Age: 39

Height: 5’9

Race: White

Region: Central