Taylorville Correctional Center

Robert Deja

Inmate Number: M32416

Hi ya my future penpal: (from a gals point of view wanted also must have God in her life)


I’d like to write to a real person – woman, who can talk about anything and everything.  Will listen and not judge!  No subject is off limits beause that’s life right?  Be consistant in writing back and forth.  TRUST, TRUTH AND LOYALTY are a MUST if we are to become friends!!  NO LIARS or PRETENDING TO BE SOMEONE THAT YOU ARE NOT!!!

My likes are simple ones, everything outdoors!!!!  Stuff like:  hiking trails through the mountains or hills, camping in tents not campers, horseback riding on our own horses, fresh water fishing,  no ocean stuff for this guy cause of “Jaws”!  Going to health club to lift weights and not weight watching and motorcycles over cars anyday!!!  Thank you and may God bless all you do….

I get sprung 4th July this 2024 – Thursday

D.O.B. 7th November 1965 – Sunday.


P.S.  We must have fun in our letters too!  No walls, but maybe a tear or two, who knows, mystery is good.  

Sincerely and respectuflly,



Age: 45

Height: 6’1

Race: White

Region: Central