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Robert Boyd

Inmate Number: M37769

6665 State Route 146 East Vienna, IL 62995
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Coming home “2023” [incarcerated[ Seeking females only

Not everyone should be viewed as a bad person.  My crimes were minor and non violent and in my opinion never should have resulted in detainment, however it is now the power of the judicial system.  At the same time no matter how unorthodox the consequence I accept accountability for my actions and at my ripe age will use this experience to develope the wisdom to avoid making this mistake again.  

Like many others my journey has been filled with transgressions, trials and tribulations, and many lessons that have sculpted my character into the man I strive to become.  Giving up is never an option for me and no matter how many sips taken my glass remains half full.  The energy or positivity manifests greatness.

I’m looking for a female partner, a best friend, and lover all rolled into one.  I dont have any children but I do like the idea of it.  I honor the forces of karma and give the same respect that I expect in return also I treat people accordingly to how they present themselves.  Every action has a reaction, cause and effect.  If only people were more conscienchous of this the world would get along alot better.  I dont smoke cigarettes but I use to many years ago I dont use drugs other than marijuana and alcohol and even those have become more seldom I have tried a variety of mind altering substances in my past though but just refuse to let them define who I am.  I prefer my sober self the mind is a beautiful thing and would be terrible to let it go to waste.  

Age: 35

Height: 6’0

Weight (lbs):


Race: White


State: Robert Boyd