Menard Correctional Center

Rafael Guerrero

Inmate Number: M01314

Hi, my name is (Rafael).  I’m 34 years old.  I’m from the city of Chicago IL.  I’m half mexican/Puerto rican.  I’m 5’10, weight 190, brown eyes.  I been locked for 17 years now.  I’m locked up for something I did not do.  I have (10 years) left to do, but I’m hopeful I will be home befor that 10 years.  Don’t have kids but if god lets it be I will have some when I get out!  I am a honest person with a big heart and loyal at that.  Well hope that I can find that special someone that is willing to take this ride with me!


Take care & god bless!



Age: 34

Height: 5’10”

Race: Hispanic

Region: South