Pinckneyville Correctional Center

Perry Coleman

Inmate Number: R65489

Hi love my is Perry Coleman


I am a man of morals & principals.  My out date as of now is 2023 thank God i recieve G.C.C. which is good time & ill be coming home to Allahu lovely world 2028 if God is willing, truth be told i am looking for a woman long term & hopefully become my wife i am 35 years old handsome smart, strong, & motivated for greatness lbvs I have a great heart & alot of love to give if she is worthy!  I am very loyal to who I commit my time to so if you are looking for a wonderful loyal man here i am i pray by the grace of Allahu i can bring joy & a loving vibe in your heart, mine, & soul remember God first family second & bullshit never, God bless you  I ♥ all race!  Female only! 

Age: 34

Height: 6’1

Race: Black

Region: South