Menard Correctional Center

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Paul Erickson

Inmate Number: N33213
Menard Correctional Center
P.O. Box 1000 Menard, IL 62259
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My name is Paul S. Erickson and I am 65 years young.  I have been in prison for the past 40+ years.  My current sentence is natural life, I hope to be granted clemency of some type to allow me to reenter our free world (or so they say).

While in prison I have been a barber for nearly all my time in here.  I hope to continue cutting and styling hair once I get out.  I used to have a license.  I still cut hair here but we are no longer allowed to cut guards and other employee’s hair.

I have lot of interests: cars, motorcycles, cooking, sports, the outdoors, rehabbing homes, love, romance, music and tv.  Also open to learning new things.  I also like to read sometimes and write people.  Lately I haven’t had pen pals or love interest to write.  

All my family members are deceased.  I am the last that I know of.

I’ve been married twice, both tore my heart out!  But I still believe in love and hope to find ms. right.  I have no children.

I am looking for friendship and possible love.  Age, race, religion is not important.  The person is.  I want to find someone open, honest and is NOT judgemental.  I know that right woman is out there.

I am not the person I was 40 years ago.  I was dumb and foolish.

I served 3 years in the army.  I was in the medical corp. As a operating room tech.  I did the majority of my time at Fort Jackson at Moncrief Army Hospital.  I assisted doctors in all kinds of operations and delivered 11 babies.

We have GTL (now called via path tech).  We can get e-messaging and video visits thru them.  Also have use of phone to call.  I have a phone card so it would NOT be a collect call.

As I said I am open to friendship and love.  So please get in touch with me and lets get to know one another!

Have a great day and keep smiling.


Paul S. Erickson

Age: 65

Height: 6’0″

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: White


State: Illinois