Graham Correctional Center

Myren Sweeten

Inmate Number: Y53407

My name is Myren Sweeten, I’am from Chicago, Illinois and is currently doing 5 yrs 1 month 6 days off of a six at eighty-five percent sentence.  I was charged as a armed habital and I will be released July 24, 2026 and I have been incarcerated since June 18, 2021 in a Sangamon County jail cell.  I have a two year old son that I love dearly and physically been in his life since the day he was born up until the day I was arrested.

This is my first prison bid and will be making my best effort to make it my last.

I spend most of my time working out my body and my mind mentally to better myself as a man, a father and human being.  I like to read autobiography and self help books and when I’m not doing that I like to listen to music, I even make music but I’m not a big artist at the moment and I have a Soundcloud like on my Instagram my@BigTino079

I’m seeking a woman that will love me unconditionally and more importantly show me loyalty.  If I could be shown that I’ll return the same energy.  I know how & like to cook.  I have a great sense of humor and also I’m 6’3 and weigh 215 lbs.  So if you’re reading this and feel that you’re that special woman hit me.

Age: 24

Height: 6’4

Race: Black

Region: Central