Stateville Correctional Center

Michael Fencel

Inmate Number: B86752

Hello & thank you for taken the time to read my profile today!  I’m looking for a lady I can fall in love with through our letters, phone calls, emails or visits.  But of course we have to start out as pen pals 🙂 then work our way to our goals in life.  (Only if) Someone is willing to take a chance with me?


Well, I’m 6’2” tall, 224 lbs, white male, medium build, w/ salt & pepper hair, and a reddish brown goatee, I’m 41 y/o NEVER been married, want to be married someday to someone.


When I was in the free world I worked as a “carpenter, operator, roofer, laborer”, but for the last (16) years now I can only dream of my old life, I may miss working them jobs, but I will one day hopefully get out of prison and prove myself to everyone that I only needed to see prison (ONCE) in my life!  I’ve got a good heart to shear with someone and I hope someone will let me show them in my own little ways that I’m a good man.  I would love to build something special with a wonderful lady.


Truth, I’ve tried those other penpal websites with (ZERO) luck!  So I will try this site to see (if) I get any hits!!! (Because $50, is a lot of money to guy’s like me who have to work just to live in this hellhole here at Stateville C.C.)  But as I was sayin, even though I’m around all of these other inmates it does get pretty lonely very quickly.  And when anyone writes to me you may ask me any question your beautiful hearts want too.  I will answer any & all questions!


My hobbies are, I love to walk the yards in the summer/fall time only, play handball, I used to write poems (But I stopped) cause I had no one to send them to, I wrote like (5 or 6) that I kept for myself for someone special in my life.  Maybe that someone special just might be you?  The person who is reading this, you never know, until you take the leap of faith ????


I am a respectable person and I would love to tell you why I’m that way, but to find out for yourself your gonna have to send me a letter and hopefully a picture with your letter as well, so I may see just whom I am writing to?  Please & thanks, y’all take care ????




Michael Fencel

Age: 41

Height: 6’2

Race: White

Region: North