Western Illinois Correctional Center

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Marqueal Moman

Inmate Number: Y52427
Western Illinois Correctional Center
2500 Rt. 99 South Mount Sterling, IL 62353
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Name – Marqueal Moman

Release Date – 08/2/2027

Doc# – Y52427

Correctional Center – Illinois River

Street Address – 1300 w locust st.

    Canton, IL 61520 – 8791

Date of Birth – 09/14/1998

Age – 24

Gender – Male

Ethnic Background – Black/Indian

Height – 5’9 ft.

Weight – 187 lbs

Hair Color – Black

Eye Color – Brown

Language – English

Charges/Sentence – Agg battery discharge a firearm – 10@84% 4 yrs remaining


People you are willing to enteract with:

Female; women


Age – 25 – 40



My name is Marqueal Moman, many knows me by Que.  First and foremost I want to say thanks for taking the time out of your day taking a look into my profile.  I can almost promise you Im the perfect guy when it comes to committed relationship, romantic relationship and sensitive woman.  Im not judgemental, obviously we both want to meet a special person thats why we’re both on this site.  Time doesn’t stop right?  Why don’t we get to know each other.  Im looking for a woman for starters.  Independent, open-minded, smart, ambitious, creative motivatable, reliable, trustworthy, enthusiastic, humble and optimistic.  

Let me tell you about myself; I’ve been incarcerated over 3 yrs, Im arrested for a aggrivated battery discharge of a firearm serving 10@85% years.  I have 4 years left.  Aug 2027 my release date.  Im a father of 1 I have a daughter on the out side.  Im from Chicago IL (west side) area.  I like to workout in the gym and play basketball with my guys.  Im solid built all muscle.  I do have a soft sweet side for woman, more likely a special person.  I tent to plan random dates, trips and random gifts.  Longest relationship I’ve been in 5 years…do to my situation of being away, the bond and relationship didn’t stand strong.  Once Im free I hope to found someone that’s willing to show me what it feels like to actually date a grown woman.  What’s the oldest I’ve dated?  38 she’s left in my past now.

Im looking for someone thats seriously enterested in me.  Because once I put my all and attention into you, Im expecting the same vibe.  I be all into the romantic things buying flowers, jewerly dinner dates, matching fits, couple hotels etc.  My sex drive is at a high rate, I can get a little wild lol.  I also got plans to invest into my woman, I somewhat think that was my down fall not planning positive things with money, I want a female with her had on, what I mean is someone that want to own businesses and help me make better decisions.  I also got a funny personality, more often a tough and mean look I tend to have.

To my readers I want you to know Im loyal, respectful, loving Im a dependable person.  I don’t only care about myself.  Im a understanding person, Im not a judgemental person.  I like a woman thats about herself and family.  

Im interested in; white woman, black woman, mexican/latina woman, I’ve dated outside my race and language multiple times.  Im willing to get to know more races.  I want to explore more.  Exotic woman from other states and countries I want to try.  Ages – 21-45.

Weigh – Im okay with 150-190 lb;

Body types – skinny, slim thick curves hips.  And BBW very thick woman I can handle.

I like woman that think highly of themselves.  Im honestly doing my bid on my lonely, I just want to catch a vibe with someone, hopefully Im in luck to get some letters, you also can contact me on the kioas.  Thanks for your time sweet heart.

Please send your number and at least 10 photos; body and face clear as possible.


Sinserly Que


Age: 25

Height: 5’6

Weight (lbs): 138

Sex: Male

Race: Black


State: Illinois