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Lamar Hardy

Inmate Number: R72738

6665 State Route 146 East Vienna, IL 62995
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Hey hello.  I’m Lamar!  I’m new to this site or any site for this matter.  I’m interested in meeting a woman thats open-minded, optimistic, and straight forward.

It would be nice if you enjoy long conversations and reading poetry.  I write with passion when expressing my words through my poetry.  For my free time I enjoy playing basketball, reading, and learning new things to cook.  I’m very straight forward because I’m a man that knows just what I want, like, and deserve.  I’m a man thats made many mistakes in my life and as I strive to become a better verson of myself for myself, I dedicate much of my time in learning from past and or present mistakes.

Thats where I find many life lessions.  I”ve seen so much in my short life, mostly bad but good as well.  Everyday I challenge myself for growth and development.  

Life is but a journey that we choose to travel alone or share with someone worthy.  I have so much love and loyalty inside me that has been abused through out the years which has forced me to close myself off from everyone, but as I’ve learned to forgive, I’ve also learned how to re-create myself in ways to help others.  For too long I’ve lacked the initiative to acknowledge myself as the king I am do to the difficulties of the struggles of life.  After seeking/finding Allah, I’ve come to understand that left or right, yes or no, red or blue – our path that we choose has already been written.  We only get to choose whichever path that we take.

Only in theory do we create our own destiny.  

We create choice.

On another note I would like to share a little more about myself.  I’m 33 years old.  I have no siblings.  I have 1 child.  My daughter.  She’s my pride, my joy, my love, my heart.  I’m scared to see her grow up, but I’m enjoying watching her become a young woman.  I’m a girl-dad.  She’ll be 17 years old in August.  Me and her both share the pain of her mother’s passing.  My birthday is June 2nd and yes I am a Gemini.  I know what you are thinking right now that Gemini’s are (The Best) and you are 100% correct.  I’m 6 feet 2 and I’m 198 pounds solid.  I’m in search for a friend.  I desire something deeper.  A woman I can say, she’s mine.  I want someone I can build with and help build up to her fullest potential.  Someone thats willing to help me grow as well.

My heart is big but it beats quietly.  So if the one person that I’ve searched long and hard for is reading this now (?) Don’t pass this chance to meet someone of a great magnitude because this will be a worthy life experience for you and I both to appreciate the greater of one another.  You know how you are because these words will connect us 1000 miles apart.  Don’t be afraid to take this chance on someone new and you’ll be rewarded a journey we can share together.  I know time is of the essence so if writing letters is too much, then link up with me through my GTL e-mail messages.

P.S.  This isn’t the best picture but soon as Im able I will take a new updated photo.  Well until this message meets your eyes, I’ll patently await whats destine to be.


Enjoy and make the day count.


Age: 33

Height: 6’2

Weight (lbs):


Race: Black


State: Lamar Hardy