Western Illinois Correctional Center

Kronterial N Bond

Inmate Number: S10748

Hey, nice to meet you, Im looking forward to meeting and building with someone new.  Whether it’s a friendship or a relationship, I would love to get to know you and what it is that you’re searching for.  Despite me being incarcerated it’s not all about me.  What you desire, and need in your life is very important to me as well.  I want to know what makes you happy in life, what you’ve been threw + would like to change.  What are your goals?  One thing that I love to do is laugh, if you enjoy a good laugh then Im sure you’ll like me for who I am.  Also Im very understanding, mature, humble, loving, kind, and affectionate.  I would love to be the man that you’re looking forward to meeting, until next time, keep me in your thoughts.  

Have a good day.  Hope we talk soon.


Age: 29

Height: 5’8

Race: Black

Region: Central