Western Illinois Correctional Center

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Kevin Deckard

Inmate Number: N31491
Western Illinois Correctional Center
2500 Rt. 99 South Mount Sterling, IL 62353
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To potential pen pals,

My name is Kevin D. Deckard.  I am locked up at the present time, for something I did not do.  I hope that anyone that reads this, is not quick to judge me, which is what happened at my trial.  I was convicted with no evidence against me.  I’ve been locked up since 2016, + after trial, sent to prison.  Since 2017, I have been fighting my case, as of now, I’m not able to find anyone to help me.  I have wrote to about 75 attorneys, + 15 to 20 detectives, + none will help me.  I’ve had a couple detectives give me a base rate, + when I wrote 4 said I could pay it, I never hard back from any of them.  I have some proof of the lies that were told, + even had a law suite in court, + it was for 3.5 million, + had to drop it till I could get a affidavit I needed to procede.  So, in the past few years, my girlfriend left me, after she believed I was innocent.  She came to visit me every week in the county.  I had been with her for 20 yrs.  If anyone wants to write to me, I would be very happy.  I have no-one that writes to me + it gets very lonely in here, not getting any mail.  We can call, + we have tablets that we can text back + forth + video visits, + visits in person.  I am waitting now to hear from the innocence project, that I did their application + sent 4 big envelopes of paperwork, that took me 3 years to complete.  It took that long, because I wanted it to be perfect.  I have found alot of things that I hope will help me.  My law suit should have done this, in getting started on proving my innocence.  I hope that their are some know that the only contact we have with people, loved ones or friends, is phone, + the main one I think is getting mail.  We have the tablets now, which has games + other things, like music, + the one I like a little is anyone can text us.  It comes to our tablets.  I can go over how to set that up, if anyone writes to me.  If anyone does write to me, I can explain what I have that would prove I’m innocent.  Basically, I was rail roaded.  It was election year for everyone + the states attorney was just putting another conviction on his record.  I hope that my age doesn’t turn anyone away, it’s only a number.  I can write, but I print a little better I think.  I will reply back to anyone that writes to me, whether they’re straight, gay, bi, or trannys.  I would be happy to get a letter from anyone in the mail, it would really make my day complete.  I would write to as many as possible.  I can write more about myself when you write to me.  I would like to mention that I have been on both sides of the fence.  I have been to alot of really wild parties.  Anyway, if anyone is interested in writting to me, please do.  I look forward to getting some letters in the mail.


Sign – Keven D. Deckard

Age: 65

Height: 6’3

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: White


State: Illinois