Menard Correctional Center

Jose Rodriguez

Inmate Number: B34439

Well first thing is my name is Jośe A. Rodriguez but people call me Snoop, I am Puerto Rican ^ Cuban from: Miami but live in Chicago.  I am 48 years old & my birthday Nov. 3 I am a Scorpio & I am 5 feet 9 inches tall & weight 150 all muscle with no-kid’s of my own but do love them just me & my six sister’s & mom that’s all & yes I like & love music & television & working out & looking & drawing & favor color is baby blue.  Just a little about me for now, I would love & like to write any female in the world or video visits & send message’s on my GTL – tablet so if you like or love to please get back at me (ASAP) please & here’s my information.


Jośe A. Rodriguez 

B-34439 <- that’s my ID number & here’s my pin number from GTL- tablet 496#

P.O. Box 100

Menard, Il. 62259


Age: 48

Height: 5’8

Race: Hispanic

Region: South