Illinois River Correctional Center

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Harry Carr

Inmate Number: Y51610
Illinois River Correctional Center
P.O. Box 999 Canton, IL 61520
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Hey, what’s up everybody?!  It’s your friendly neighbourhood, Harry!  (LoL).  I’m a 6’2”, 230 lb, tall, dark and handsome, 29 year old, bilingual, african american male taurus, with an imposing, yet lean athletic muscular build, from a small suburban town in Bolingbrook, IL.


I enjoy: reading, song writting, music and movies of all sorts, drawing portraits, video games, meditating, excersising, mma, playing sports, traveling, and living life to the fullest by making the most and best out of it, what with keeping up the good vibes and making people laugh.  ????


Sadly, the cover of my book has been judged, ridiculed, and mocked by my own peers through out most of my childhood, what with being raised in and out of foster care as an orphan, and later dubbed as less of a black man altogether because I don’t come off as everbody’s stereotypical one, but one whom’s fairly educated and well spoken with a unique sense of personality, humor, and self interests.


Worse yet, I’m looked even more down upon as someone I’m absolutely not just for what I’m locked up for!  As, with every story, there’s more than what meets the eye beyond every bold, dark and cloudy shade of gray.


Nonetheless, I can safely say without a shadow of doubt that I’ll be home free sooner than later through a direct appeal some when during the latter half of this year!


With that said, I but only ask that if there’s anyone out there with an open mind willing to give my friendship a chance – if not something more – than to rather full like a many in believing everything one comes across, they would surely see that I’m infact quite the compassionate, passionate, caring comical, whimsical, witty child at heart with a bright whirlwind of colors to be around!


P.S. If interested, please contact me via the GTL service than mail, if possible, given mail is quite slow here.

Age: 29

Height: 6’1

Weight (lbs): 230

Sex: Male

Race: Black


State: Illinois