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Efrén Valadez

Inmate Number: M36934

6665 State Route 146 East Vienna, IL 62995
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Hello everyone!  My name is Efrén.  Everyone calls me “negro” (thats black in spanish) cause of my skin tone.  I’ve never really been good at these online profile descriptions.  I’m not sure how much better I”ll do now while feeling self-conscious about being incarcerated.  The situation I’m in causes me great shame and disappointment.  I think its very unattractive and a terrible first impression.  But I promise that if you allow yourself to get to know me, you’ll learn that I’m not such a bad person.  Just a dumb one who made the mistake of thinking he could make some easy extra money.  Having said that, I would like to meet a loving, caring, sympathetic woman that can see past the bullshit.  For that special, caring lady, here is a brief description of me:

I’m a 6’, 210 lbs, 40 year old Gemini.  I’m dark complexion and husky built.  Originally from Chicago, I’m half Mexican and half Puerto Rican (but 100% Rican at heart).  From the age of 13 until the age of 25 I lived in P.R. There, I graduated high school and pursued a degree in electronic engineering from the University of Puerto Rico in Aguadilla (U.P.R.).  I returned to Chicago seeking employment opportunities.  I’ve dedicated myself to warehousing, primarily imports/exports, as a forklift operator. I am very active and full of energy.  So much so that I’ve been referred to as a tazmanian devil LOL.  Once we start corresponding I’d be more than happy to get into details regarding anything I’ve mentioned or any other questions, doubts, concerns, or curiosities you might have.  In the meantime, tell me some fun facts about yourself like:

  1. When you were a little girl, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  2. If you had special powers, what would it be?
  3. Do you put on one sock, one shoe first or both socks first then both shoes?
  4. What would I find under your mattress?
  5. Do you kiss on the first date?


I look forward to meeting you soon.  Until then, take care.


Age: 39

Height: 6’0

Weight (lbs):


Race: Hispanic


State: Efrén Valadez