Stateville Correctional Center

Donzell Lowe

Inmate Number: R06986



Hey you!  My name is Donzell my friends call me Don, yet the state of IL calls me Mr Lowe #R06986.  For the last twenty five calendars I’ve been either behind a fence a huge wall or some steel bars.  I awoke a day a found something interesting along with my mail.  IPPP.  For days I find myself working on my case I got charged with a felony murder in 1998 along with a attempted murder.  I smile because this TL they no I played no role yet 25 yrs later Im still in my box.  So at this moment I’m trying something new.  With the hopes that you are a reflection of confidence, sexy strong willed and ambitious and most of all loyal.  Being loyal for most is the hardest of all its just not in everybody.  Well about me besides the numbers I’m light skinned light brown eyes 360 waves at the moment 5’7”.  I have about 40 tats over my arms hands neck stomach shoulders etc.  I’m skilled at many thigs yet when my charge is not at the front of my thoughts I read, I watch movies listen to music and watch sports.  Over the years I find that I enjoy photos that represent a moment forever captured in time.  For women the comparison is not a debate.  Women is the greatest creation hands down and for every woman one creates a family of stronger ones to follow whether other women or stronger men.  I need a strong mind to exchange thoughts with to build a foundation that no other being cut separate or crumble.  I need something sexy and your sexy might be the sexy.  I seek a loyalty a loyalty that nor bends or breaks.  Confidence some have at others don’t be the one to build with sometimes its simple as trying something new.  I must part my pen from these brief thoughts.  GTL is the quickest way to reply and us mail is the only way to send photos.  Take care always be beautiful, be confident be loyal be you be amazing hope to hear from you soon.

You can get in touch with me quicker by adding me on GTL.  You can add me as a contact using my IDOC number (R06986).



Donzell, Lowe #R06986

P.O. Box 112

Joliet, IL 60434

Age: 43

Height: 5’7

Race: Black

Region: North