Illinois River Correctional Center

D'Juan Thomas

Inmate Number: Y14076

Hey there pretty lady.  How your day been so far?  Good I hope.  Excuse me from being rude but let me properly introduce myself.  My name is D’Juan but everybody call me six.  Lol, yeah like the number.  What’s your name & where you from?  I’m from Chicago, Illinois.  I was born & raised on the westside of Chicago by my mother & grandmother.  So you can say I know how to treat a lady. I’m 24 years old, 5’7 with a muscular build, brown eyes, dreadlocks, & think I’m handsome.  I got a good sense of humor but I can make you smile in other ways too.  I like to read, pray, meditate, workout, write songs & poems.  What are things you enjoy?  I’m incarcerated for attempted murder & is currently serving a 13 year sentence at 85 percent.  I been incarcerated for 8 years with 2 years remaining on my sentence.  Behind every strong woman there is a strong man.  I want you to be open, honest, & vulnerable with me & I’ll do the same.  I want to please you emotionally & mentally.  I’m trying to touch your heart, touch your soul.  I got a pure heart which it mean its made of gold & getting to know  you is my goal.  Hopefully you be waiting on me when I come home because I like my how I like my coffee…strong.  What do you look for in a partner?  I’m all about constant elevation Im a man not a boy a big seperation.  Hope your love is intoxicating because with you I want to feel the levitation.  I just need love & affection.  I hope I dont sound too desperate.  I know you smiling because you feel them good vibrations & to hear from you Im sooo anxious.    To contact me faster add me as your contact on  Thank you for taking the time to read my profile & I hope you enjoy the rest of your day but let me leave you with this:  There is nothing in this world more powerful than a woman that know how to think. 

Age: 24

Height: 5’6

Race: Black

Region: Central