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Dewayne Davis

Inmate Number: B86684

6665 State Route 146 East Vienna, IL 62995
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Dear future queen,


First off I wanna say how R u doing 2day?  I hopes this reaches u, n da best mood & u r well & thangz.  Well, I’m dark skinned, 6’0 ft, 200 pd, braids, ect.  I have 7 kids that I love 2 death.  Wouldn’t mind more n da future.  I’m 36 years old, I’m n da pen AKA join on a gun charge, I had a sex charge where a check lied on her age n 2008.  Fucked my life up a bit, but I’m still here.  I likes 2 kick it wit my people & love 1’s in the hood.  I have a big heart & finds beauty n every1.  Thang is can u deals wit a beast from da east lol.  I loves 2 joke around.  I know hows 2 fight lol.  I aint no punk, pussy, bitchassnigga, snitch ass, hoeassnigga, clownass, dumbass, ect.  Well, I’ll tell u more bout me if u hit me bac.  I’m trying 2 finds somebody dat will listen & wont mind doing wat I say, treating a king as he suppos 2 b treated.  Sumbody dat willing 2 ride till da wheels fall off & more.  Looks aint everythang cause I kno I’m bout a 5 from 1-10.  Somebody dats clean, down 2 work or gots they job on point is great.  Somebody I can grow 2 trust, & a freaky freak wen needed lol.  Well if u right me bac whoeva u is, make sure 2 send a pic of yourself please & thank you.  If you don’t hear from me n a month hit my otha address up.  901 W. Maplewood st.  Apt #2 Marion, IL 62959.  I mighta got out or watnot, cause I b free sometime 2023.  But hopes all is well witcha & would love 2 hear back from u my loves.  Come on & get on da winning team lol, wit a hood nigga whoeva & whereva u r.  I’m sitting here waiting, don’t miss ur chance, loves you lol.  Peace & blessings.  


P.S. I’m talking 2 all y’all out ther, it is wat it is, you r wat u r somebody loves u baby………..

Don’t take 2 long lol!

Age: 36

Height: 5’9

Weight (lbs):


Race: Black


State: Dewayne Davis