Western Illinois Correctional Center

Derrick Harrison

Inmate Number: B74877

Hello world!


Well, my name is Derrick but my friends and family call me Abdul Nur.  Currently, I’m incarcerated for a crime I did not commit.  Things are holding up & I’ll be home soon.

I am looking for a friend & relationship who I can build a beautiful friendship with!  I would love to find a women who is open minded, honest, loyal, and true to what thay believe in!  Hopefully, that someone is you!

I’m 6 feet, 195 pound, I love working out, reading, I’m very understanding, and I consider myself a people person.

Hopefully, I will find a wonderful friend.


Age: 44

Orientation: Straight

Age: 44

Height: 6’0″

Race: Black

Region: Central