Dixon Correctional Center

Demetrius Dillon

Inmate Number: M32247

Hola como estan mamasitas.  This for my latin vibes who found interest in my profile, I can’t forget tha acknowledgment!

But most of all I appreciate every beautiful and wonderful ladies that took tha time to pop threw and check a fella out, I’m very honor.  I hope we can capture the same interest that is worth both of our time, I’m from Chicago AKA “Tha Raq” my fam & peers call me stacks, I’m 5’8 in hight.  My intention are to meet down earth genuine people and build great bonds through friendship off honesty, trust and loyalty, being that person I could rely on ad vice verse, also consistant.  Long as it’s genuine and no judgement our connection should be lit.  Im a smooth and tru individual Im always open to share my story with out judgement!


I’m eager to answer any question you’ll have for me.  I’m a great listener.  Far as myself I’m a artist who love writting rap song’s but my main goals is to push my label as a CEO and focus on the business side of things and continue to thrive in other business ventures as well as studying books day would advance me consciously, and that share knowledge in investments.  I cardio to stay in shape.  Im a straight forward person open minded and it allowed me to have a great sense of humor with a chill and collective attitude, highly confident as I move threw life that is filled with purpose and reflects how ambitiously driven I am.

Forever keep my head cool with an optimistic vibe,  stay being productive to prepare myself to be release early and take advantage of great opportunity, I trust God to work everything out and sure me fair and right justice.  It’s fun and no pressure to get to know me, and I’ll respect and cherish my time in knowing you.  I let go my past and focus on a bright future.  Faith on myself as my appeal pending (free me) and to sure you I’m not all talk like most, link up and lets build something solid and make some worthy of our future, feel free to ask anything you want.  Get at me 


Urs truly.  Stacks


Age: 33

Height: 5’6

Race: Black

Region: North