Lawrence Correctional Center

Davarious Sykes

Inmate Number: Y54272

#Female correspondence only


Yo how yall feeling?  Im feeling ight could be better tho.  My name is Davarious people call me bear tho Im 22 years old from Chicago I been gon since December 14 2020 wit good time I could be home by August of 2024.  Ima tell yall how it is tho, I need a grown women somebody who gon actually be here for me like I would be for them dont just give up on me Im looking for my soul mate somebody who I can spend the rest of my life wit Im not here to jail talk you or play wit yo feelings or hurt you none of that.  I wanna listen too you, be here for you when you need somebody just cuz Im in jail dont mean nothing I aint have a relationship in about a year Im tired of going through da same stuff, tired of startin over if you not tryin to settle down and be comitted to a relationship then Im not your guy I aint got time for the games but if your open too it, Im willing to start off slow, lets vibe be friends and if God has a plan for us only time will tell.  I dont have no pics to send heres my facebook tho yall could see how I look on there


Facebook: Shiesty lil bear


P.S.  Im loyal, good listener, very honest and I dont kno what love is, I never had it before but I kno how to give it/show it thanks for yall time.

Age: 22

Height: 5’11

Race: Black

Region: South