Robinson Correctional Center

Darrell Killingsworth

Inmate Number: M20684

Dear curious reader Nov 30, 2022


By me even posting this profile, I’m somewhat out of my element.  This isn’t something I normally do.  Even as I write this, I”m somewhat skeptical, but hopefully its worth a shot!


About myself, well, I’m 5’9, 180 pounds and I’m from Chicago.  I work-out daily and I like cutting hair, playing basketball, continuing my education are very important to me.  I’m an avid reader of everything from self-help books to fantasy etc.  I’m a stand-up dude and can be loyal to a fault.  Being genuine is something I take pride in.  Despite my best efforts, I’m not without flaws.  I’ve made mistakes and suffered the consequences for them.  Yet, I fully accept responsibility for all my wrongs because I*’ve learned form them.  I’m a better man mentally, because I have used this time to help developed a plan for my future which entails opening my own barbershop and getting involved in demolish work.  I have also developed a new prospective on life, family, and relationships.  Physically I’ve stayed healthy as possible while trying to build muscle and strength through weight training.

I’m eager to start a new friendship with someone I can laugh with, exchange views and goals with and hopefully cultivate an unbreakable bond with.  I hope in the near future we can meet and explore all the endless possibilities that await us and create unforgettable memories!


If you’re serious about finding a friend you can direct message me at or write through postal mail.  A book shouldn’t be judged by its cover and there’s alot of pages to me.


Thanks for listening.




Age: 30

Height: 5’9

Race: Black

Region: South