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Claudius Jackson

Inmate Number: Y29471

6665 State Route 146 East Vienna, IL 62995
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My name is Claudius & I’m looking for healthy friendship who is sincere, funny & kind hearted.  Someone who is willing to share valuable time with me.  Im an open book, I enjoy talking about anything & every thing.  I don’t like to miss out on an oppurtunity to meet someone now.  There’s probably something we could learn & show eachother.  So lets not miss out on what could be a great opportunity.  I hope to hear from you soon.  


Claudius Jackson



Sign up on my tablet by going to and please put my name, I.D # and pinckneyville.  So we can send messages on there.


Claudius, Jackson ID# Y29471

Pinckneyville Correctional Center

5835 State Route 154

Pinckneyville, IL 62274

Age: 30

Height: 5’11

Weight (lbs):


Race: Black


State: Claudius Jackson