Sheridan Correctional Center

Brian Mathis

Inmate Number: Y50405

Hello ladies, i’m brian 31 years young lol, but im from Atlanta,Ga. I am a virgo and i’m a real honest person and big on respect. So i am married so i’m not seeking a relationship but looking to have fun and meet females that are positive and gorgeous to talk to and maybe if she is willing to set visits and send pictures and help me stay positive amd be a sounding board with ideas and business plans. I want to create a strong bond and be there for you when your days arent always sunny and cheer you up and make you laugh. Talk that grown folk talk wink wink. And i would like to continue our friendship once im released because i value the time and support you’ve given me. So who wanna be naughty and have fun and live in the moment. 2024 i’ll be home


My IDOC # is Y50405

Age: 31

Height: 5’9

Race: Black

Region: North