bernard payton

Shawnee Correctional Center

Bernard Payton

Inmate Number: M24712

Hey what’s up.

My name is Bernard Lemoure Payton.

I’m 32 and a sagittarius I’m 5ft 5in tall.

I am single, never-married & no kids.

Into females only, when it comes to my sexual-romance preference.

During my freetime I like to – read, play video games, listen to music, dance, play soccer, play hacky sack, learn new things, such as spanish & the stock market.

Please feel free to drop in @ anytime…By GTL message or other means of contact.  I am not looking for any financial support…just new company who wants to be appreciated for who they are and not change for the sake of different company.

I have no gender preference of people or sexual preference so add me & message me!

P.s. my long term goals is to be fluent in Spanish and be a full-time stock broker who’s married.

Sincerely ~ Shadow

Thank you for your time and consideration ????



Race: Black