Sheridan Correctional Center

Benjamin Cobine

Inmate Number: S12525


So I’ve never done this before and honestly curiosity more than anything led me to post on this page.  I figured fuck it, one of two things will happen.  Either nothing at all lol or maybe I might meet some new people to kick it with.  I’m super outgoing anyway so why not give this shit a try.  I have everything I need in here so I’m not looking for anything other than some good conversation.  And who knows where that will lead.  I’m from Alton, IL.  It’s about 15 minutes from STL.  I have about 12-15 months left on this bs and I’m free again.  I can’t fucking wait!  I’m not gonna drag this out, if you like what you see and you wanna know more hit me up.  I do have a FB page if you want to see more pics.  I love anything outdoors.  I’m a sports fanatic.  Love all types of music but my go to is def R+b.  I have kids and a few very young grand babies who I love to death.  Let’s see what else?  I love to read, BBQ’s, bon fires, whatever really.  I just enjoy having a good time.  I’m an open book for real so hit me up and ask away.  I look forward to hearing from ya.



Age: 45

Height: 5’8

Race: White

Region: North