Menard Correctional Center

Anthony Johnson

Inmate Number: N93526


Let me formally introduce myself.  My name is Anthony Johnson, but my family and friends call me by the surname, (Tony).  My interests are reading, writing and exercising.

Hopefully, this letter of introduction will catch the right person, namely, someone who is caring, understanding, respectful and honest.  Those are the virtues I admire the most in a person.

Looks are not an issue neither size.  Especially, since I’m only looking for someone to exchange e-mails and possibly video-visits with.  Therefore, I’m not looking for romance, only an attentive ear and a open heart.

As for me, I’m 5’11” with a muscular build.  I weigh 210 lbs.  I’m clean cut with a shaved heads, I have brown eyes, but (since I suffer from nearsightness) I have to wear glasses.  I’m a spiritual person; therefore, I read and study my bible.  But I’m not judgemental nor a religious fanatic.  I’m actually a down-to-earth person, once you get to know me.

In conclusion, I hope this information about myself is enough to touch the heart of someone special.


Age: 56

Height: 5’11”

Race: Black

Region: South