Pontiac Correctional Center

Anterrian Moore

Inmate Number: K76278


My name is Anterrian Moore but all my friends calls me Kemo.  The reason for that is because most people say that I am a cool, easy going laided back type of guy.  Guys around here gave me that name and it sorta stuck.  I enjoy sports, really good movies of just about any kind.  I also keep an eye on politics from time to time just to keep up with the president and how he’s running the country just as well as some of the moments in history being made around the world.  It makes for good conversation around here.  But what I would enjoy the most is having a long-lasting corresponding relationship with a female pen-pal on any topic under the sun (no topic is off limits)  I would love to be a friend, an open ear, and a shoulder to lean on when things are not working out.  I would love to be your shine on a gloomy day.  Because that would be what you are for one.


Sincerely yours,



Age: 46

Height: 5’9

Race: Black

Region: Central