Sheridan Correctional Center

Antawan Johnson

Inmate Number: K77395

Hello, ladies! I’m looking to meet new people that I can become fast friends with, do some networking with, and have some fun with. I’m also open to exploring romance too.

In friends, I like people that are easy-going, genuine, optimistic, and inspirational. In romance, I like openess and honesty. I love making my partner feel sexy, I love to spoil her and make her feel special. I love a woman that’ll make me feel greedy for her by letting her uniqueness become my fetish.

(Freaky Fun Fact: I like how exciting, satisfying, and revealing phone sex can be.)

I think myself to be handsome, creative, intellingent, ambitious, and funny. I have a really big sense of humor and I love to laugh. And, I’m not the only one that thinks that I’m funny either!

I love music too. One of my favorite songs is “Good Love” by “Anita Baker.” I’m really good at playing chess, but my greatest passion is writing so I spend a lot of my time doing something that revolves around that.

I’m on a mission to accomplish some goals and manifest some ideas, care to join me on my journey?

Age: 42

Height: 5’5

Race: Black

Region: North