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Angelo Cobbins

Inmate Number: Y29571

6665 State Route 146 East Vienna, IL 62995
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I’m Angelo Cobbins, my friends call me Juice  I’m looking for someone that i could grow with and someone who could be mindful of my situation as well.  I’m the fun type, someone who has a very good sense of humor, but can be serious when it is called for.  I will like to see and try new experiences with this pen-pal service.  I’ve haven’t received any hit with this pen-pal service since I’ve been on it, but I believe that patients is key to success and what is worth the wait will come.  I would not mind having someone write me who is experienced with this, this way I can meet someone with experience to share.  I’m looking for someone to have a good time with and see where we go from there.  I’m very interested and down to for whatever.  I workout sometimes to keep myself mentally stabilize and so that I will be healthy and ready for the out side into society.  We have access to tablets here, so one of my day to day routine which that keeps me functional is to listen to music.  Also if it is easier on your end you can contact me through our institutional e-mail that way you could get to reach me a.s.a.p. For more information about me or if it works better for you to write a letter to me inm fine with that.


ID Y-29571

Age: 29

Height: 5’6

Weight (lbs):


Race: Black


State: Angelo Cobbins