The Illinois Prison Pen Pal project is an open channel of communication for prison inmates and members of society across the world.  After being incarcerated, many prisoners lose contact with their friends, family and the public.  It says in Hebrews 13:1-3 ¹ Keep on loving each other as brothers and sisters.  ² Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!  ³ Remember those in prison, as if you were there yourself.  Remember also those being mistreated, as if you felt their pain in your own bodies.  We keep this in mind when running our daily operations to ensure we are doing everything we can to bridge the gap between society and those who have been forgotten. 

               While prison was designed to be a place of reform, feelings of isolation, monotony, anger and regret often make inmates even more likely to commit a crime upon release.  Maintaining pen pal connections with the outside society helps to cultivate optimism, strengthen the will to reform, and increases the chance for a successful, long-term reintegration into society.  Illinois Prison Pen Pal serves as the initial channel through which meaningful, trans-formative pen pal relationships with inmates can develop. 

               With a transparent basis for communication, pen pals can have open, honest and meaningful conversations with each other.  Prisoners compile the information for their individual profiles, which are then posted on their behalf.  Inmates participating in the Illinois Prison Pen Pal program are not able to access the profile directly, but may have their profile removed or updated upon request. 

               The public is able to view a vast collection of inmate profiles containing insightful information about each inmate and can then choose which prisoner(s) they’d like to reach out to.  Messages to an inmate can be sent via normal postal mail, prison email exchange programs or through services like ConnetNetwork, CorrLinks, or Jpay.  Inmate profiles can be searched by geographical region, race/ethnicity, age group and more.

               Illinois Prison Pen Pal’s online directory contains the profiles of hundreds of inmates that are facing time in county jails, state prisons, federal corrections facilities and rehabilitation centers.  Some are in for their first time, some are repeat offenders while others are on death row.  We advise anyone interested in corresponding with an inmate to look him or her up on the Department of Corrections page to get a better understanding of what crime they have been charged with.


               No matter the reason for their incarceration, each inmate stands to benefit from keeping in touch with the outside world.  Each profile on the directory represents an inmate eager to maintain a connection to the rest of society and serves as an invitation for communication that will help them overcome the challenges faced in prison.  Illinois Prison Pen Pal provides a convenient channel that allows for comforting and meaningful communication opportunities between inmates and the rest of the community.

The pen pal relationships developed through Illinois Prison Pen Pal remind inmates of their humanity, their potential for the future and their connection to the rest of society.  Through strengthening the ties between society and those who are incarcerated, Illinois Prison Pen Pal works to prevent recidivism and pave the way for successful reintegration and lasting societal reform.

               This is a free pen pal site.  You can view any profile and write any prisoner for free.  We realize that the best dating sites are expensive and charge a monthly or yearly fee.  We decided that by making our pen pal site free to our internet users, we would generate more traffic and have more success in matching the prisoners with a pen pal.  We do charge a small fee to post and maintain prisoner’s profiles but that is at no cost to the viewer.  Below we will explain what efforts we are taking to even get this cost down to pennies a day. 

               When this site was started, our main goal was to help those incarcerated.  We soon realized that it was helping members of society as well.  There are many forms of imprisonment that people deal with and being able to talk to someone about your problems is healthy.  We have found that many people reached out to the incarcerated as a way to “do their good deed”, and ended up finding more in common than they expected.  Just because someone is in prison, that does not make them a bad person.  They could have just made poor choices and now have realized the error of their ways.

               Thought many are just seeking friendship, there have been several that have found love and request to be removed from the site.  This gives us confidence that what we are doing is working.  Forget about looking for the #1 dating sites, the top 10 best pen pal sites or any other “looking for love” matchmakers.  Whether you are looking for love, seeking friendship, or just passing time, this is the best pen pal site to do it with.

               Soon we will be launching “International Prison Pen Pal”.  We still have the same goal in mind but on a much larger platform.  We will incorporate all of our current profiles on our new site free of charge to the prisoners.  Expanding globally, we are allowed to drop our rate to less than $.07 centers a day for our prisoners.  Many prisoners do not have support, much less financial support.  This will help them tremendously.  So many other prison pen pal sites take advantage of the incarcerated but we are hopeful that we are setting a new precedent for the future.

               We are always looking for ways to enhance our site and services.  We appreciate it if you would use the contact us tab and let us know of anything we can do to enhance your experience with us.

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